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How to Spot and Avoid Frauds by Packers and Movers in India

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Packers and Movers are considered the second lifeline of the country because it helps the migrating
community and families to safety carry out their entire household goods and items to some other
places as per the requirement. The most reputed packers and movers functioning all over the
country have succeeded in winning the family’s reputation because of their award winning and top
quality services. Most of the packers and movers are effectively doing their works to increase their
reliability even more over the families to gain the trust. However, there even exist a lot of such
packers and movers who are doing frauds while carrying out the valuable goods and household
items to some other places. They often mishandle the household goods and valuable items, break
the delicate items and even does not properly packs the goods in a best possible way which
ultimately leads to severe damages.

The following list of points may be kept in mind for spotting out the mistakes and avoid severe frauds
in future by the packers and movers in India:

1. Verifying the Registration of the Moving Company: It is very much essential for the
individuals to verify and properly investigate about the registration related valid documents of
the moving company. The proper registration of the company develops a feel of satisfaction
inside the minds of the customers regarding the reliability and assurance of the proper
handling up of the household goods.
2. Dedication and Professionalism about the Work: Professionalism is the actual thing
which needs to be noticed about the working employees of such moving companies.
Professional employees not at all need to announce their activity. Instead, their working style
about the perfect product packaging, handling and delivering automatically reflects the
dedicated professionalism.
3. Adequate Space to Handle the Work Challenges: Enough office and working space is
required to explore and reflect a kind of professionalism towards the customers. Well
maintained infrastructure and well equipped source of resources are needed to be
investigated before hiring up such packing and moving service.
4. Proper Management and Customer Handlings: Any of the customer dealing organizations
needs to have a proper management and customer handling department. Customers must
be provided with a facility to deal with customer handling department over phone/ chat and
other similar activities. Packing and Moving companies also need to maintain separate
customer handling units with a proper call centre. Instead, they must be trained for dealing
customers effectively to increase the customer ratings.
5. Professional Registration Over Internet Based Search Engines: Packing and Moving
kind of companies need to get registered over internet based search engines such as
Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It is required because almost all of the persons now-a-days are
internet savvy and they immediately search the reliability of any such company over the
internet search engines. If the business of these companies will be registered over the
search engines, customers can easily search for the customer feedbacks and ratings and
accordingly opt for that particular packing and moving company depending upon the
6. Positive Ratings And Feedbacks: Packers and Movers must keep their Contact details updated with
latest customer ratings and feedbacks. More positive the ratings and feedbacks, more will be
the chance of getting hired by the customers.

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